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May 2004

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Designing with Dreamweaver

MacroChat Smiles All smiles at Macromedia Community Week: Designing with Dreamweaver.

I was on a panel of "experts" discussing Best Practices for designing web sites using Dreamweaver yesterday, and the folks on the broadcasting team posted it for us to enjoy ad infinitum.

You can hear my voice over the Web, and watch me operate the software via Macromedia's slick new Breeze conferencing service (based on Flash).

If you enjoy it, definitely check out the rest of the MacroChats coming up for great tips and information on how to quickly build things with Macromedia tools.

May 18, 2004

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Dreamweaver Pong

Remember that classic computer game, Pong? Here's a fun new twist, in the form of an Easter Egg:

1. Fire up Dreamweaver on a PC.
2. Make sure that your computer's sound is turned up so you can hear this.
3. Open any file (ones that have lots of text and/or graphics are especially nice to use).
4. Click within some text in design view so the (default) text Property Inspector is showing.
5. On the Property Inspector, just to the right of the color swatch (that controls the text color), is a place where you would normally type in a hex color value.
6. In that textbox type the word 'dreamweaver' and hit the Enter key. (Hint: move your cursor up and down with the mouse but don't click on the mouse buttons.)

May 14, 2004

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Music Portfolio


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May 8, 2004

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