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Google search for Sagolla and you'll note that my wife's recent scientific publication on microtubules has brought her right up next to me!

Also, note that Mer and my dad now share a page on PubMed!

November 24, 2003

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The Crush

picked grapes ready to be crushed

Yesterday, we visited the ranch for the yearly crush. Grapes we had previously picked went into our crank press - the juice went into fermentation vats for the long sleep of becoming wine.

Smells like raisins and fresh fruit in the air.

Warm in the sun, cool in the shade - unwinding muscles while we wind the press.

November 2, 2003

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Got Surf

The Cove in the sun Caught some surf down south again this weekend. The water was very warm for this time of year, and I did much better this time.

I even caught this footage of my brother Ben carving a small one at Littles.

This clip is even more inspiring - note how he doesn't bail but catches the far lip of his board to stay on and ride the wave out!

October 19, 2003

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The Pick

mad grapes Mad grapes at The Pick today in Napa.

A year's worth of pruning, training, and nourishing the vines has paid off!

We picked enough grapes in the vineyard for 88 gallons of must (pulp and grapes separated from stem) and created another 3200+ gallons from grapes picked elsewhere.

This is my second full season of winemaking, under the tutelage of my now-father-in-law and the Lady Mer.

The juice from these grapes will be sampled about two years from now. So far, so good!

September 27, 2003

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Labor Dabor

Had a relaxing honeymoon cruise to Baha, through LA (thanks M&D!), and back up to Napa. Read a great book: The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown - highly recommended. Ran into a friend from high school on Catalina - they couldn't make it to the wedding at the last minute, but we saw them here by chance - excellent serendipity!

Now, right back into macromedia launch madness on Labor Day!

Well, at least I have Strong Bad Emails to console me. That, and my my lovely wife. :)

September 1, 2003

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New Best Day of My Life

wedding wall danceThoughts of only now

Totally open to the love around us

An impression of one long, large gift

Had a new best day of my life yesterday

Got married and smiled all day long

They played my song for us

We seranaded everyone

We danced all night

There were cute kids

She was beautiful

It was perfect


August 24, 2003

Posted to Family and Friends and Life and Love and Music and Poetry at 04:07 PM | comments (1)

Bad Movie Bonding

you may have been wondering
whether or not to see the recently released movie "Old School".

I highly recommend this, if
a) you have an immunity to the sight of Will Ferrell's butt,
b) you have an occasion to view the cinema without the presence of your mother, and
c) you, like me, have an appreciative interest in movies that are so bad that they are good.

in my family, we have a tradition of picking films that, at the very least, make for laughing-at-oneself-for-picking-them. I, personally, enjoyed the film for reasons that I believe the filmmakers intended. actually, I thought it was hilarious (but then, I would). my dad and my brother, however, saw this indeed as Bad Movie Bonding.

February 23, 2003

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