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Magpie RSS for PHP

Magpie RSS Reader My RSS aggregator mysteriously broke, so I patched it up with Magpie.

The trick is to get your cache directory set to the proper permissions (755).

Now check out and

Thanks for the hint, Eric!

May 15, 2005

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How to Create Flash with Dreamweaver

This week in class we covered the following topics:

In Dreamweaver:

  • 10 Steps to Create a Site
    1. Start by drawing a page
    2. Begin Storyboarding (again, on paper)
    3. Decide on a layout that portrays that storyboard
    4. Freeze static elements of the design
    5. Break the design into reusable modules
    6. Assign "editable regions" or areas that will change from page instance to page instance
    7. Either create a Template in DW or use includes for the reusable elements
    8. Create the rest of the page instances
    9. Test publish to staging server
    10. Final publish to live site
  • Back up your site by creating a duplicate site and putting to another local folder
  • Check 'Put dependent files' to just back up a few files and their associated images, etc
  • Insert > Media > Image Viewer
  • Insert > Media > Flash Text
  • Insert > Media > Flash Button
  • The Flash Video Kit
  • Anatomy of a Bug
    • Subject
    • Platform
    • Description
    • Steps
    • Actual Results
    • Expected Results

In Code:


Follow the steps above to create a new site from scratch. Before you begin, take a look at some free Flash to incorporate into your design:

Final site should have the following characteristics:

  • Original and different from your previous designs
  • More than two pages of complete content
  • Some kind of Flash embedded in your design
  • Published to your domain, URL sent to the class

Next week: Stump the Master!

April 20, 2005

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Advanced Server Interaction

This week we covered the following topics:

In Dreamweaver:

On the Mac:

Regarding Design:


  1. Set up a sub-domain as a PHP testing server
  2. Set up your machine to run the latest PHP
  3. Set up your machine to run MySQL
  4. Draw a design flexible enough to incorporate an unknown amount of data.
  5. Access student database via Application panel
  6. Create a repeating region from the database, and place it in your design.
  7. Prototype using Live Preview button.
  8. Save to server, send URL.

Next Week: How to Create Flash With Dreamweaver!

April 14, 2005

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Free Blog Syndication using PHP

This week, I've set up two different syndication sites:

Student Blog Aggregator


Mobile News Aggregator

Here's how to do it:

1. Upload and configure Magpie.
2. Use a simple PHP or HTML include to stick one of the PHP templates onto your page, surrounded by some important links.

And there you have it, your own custom news page!

April 1, 2005

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